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Garage 13


Eugenia, ON


A total demo job was required for this space!

Top to bottom, back to front, we had to remove absolutely everything right down to the ductwork.

For the rental kitchen, the plan was to create an open, fluid, modular space for caterers, processors and budding food entrepreneurs alike to use. First we planned for Eugenia winters by insulating the walls, heavy usage and wear & tear by installing new, durable waterproof wall coverings on 2 walls and stainless steel for the hot line. The old, cracked concrete floor was done so we epoxied it with a 45 degree cove corner up the walls to create a solid, smooth seal. Next we increased the existing 10' hood vent to 18' allowing room for all of our propane equipment on the hot line. This included a brand new double stacked, full size convection oven and 150L steam kettle and attached mixer unit. To accommodate the hot line equipment we installed a new, larger 2" gas pipe and feeds. The fire suppression system was vastly increased with a little extra just incase we decide to add a couple more pieces of equipment down the road. We planned a simple wet wall design with a clean veg sink, double dish sink, low temp dishwasher and hand sink. To accommodate provincial regulations and still maintain the flow of the line we decided to split the grease interceptor in to 2 units so they could be tucked away without losing any valuable space. To make the space even more desirable to our clients renters, we installed a custom made stainless steel water bath for canning. This beauty can handle an average of 64 jars at once! New LED lighting, new furnace, redesigned ductwork, the list goes on.

Our client wanted this space to offer more than a regular rental kitchen so we designed in storage for her renters. This includes a new walk-in fridge with multi-sized stationary and mobile security cages and more cages for dry stock as well. We also equipped the kitchen with table top food equipment and smallwares for the renters to use. Lockers, kitchen shoes and a health & safety/communications board have all been installed just around the corner from the new bathrooms and separate, keypad security kitchen entrance.

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